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NuMe Pentacle Curling Wand Review
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Reviewed by: Judy E.


Jun 05, 2024

NuMe Pentacle Curling Wand Review

A curling iron a terrific way to create gorgeous curls and have fun with hairstyles. But not all curlers are created the same. To help you decide which one is right for you, our research team looks at the top rated curling iron models and compares them based on top features, pros, any drawbacks, and more. Get these details in the NuMe Pentacle Curling Wand review below.

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Best Features of the NuMe Pentacle Top Rated Curling Iron

The main features of the NuMe Pentacle Curling Wand and Deep Waver, in our opinion, are:

  • 2-in-1 wand features 45mm barrel for big, full curls and a waver for deep waves
  • Tourmaline ceramic conducts gentle far infrared heat for smooth hair and strand protection
  • Negative ion conditioning technology for less frizz and more shine

The black curling wand comes with a heat-resistant glove. The Pentacle is dual voltage 110-240V, as well as 50/60Hz. It is 70W and available with US plug (A) only.

The barrel length is 3-3/4 inches, and the long cord measures 7 ft, 9 in. The weight of the Pentacle is 1 lb, 10 oz.

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NuMe Pentacle 2-in-1 Curling Wand Review: Benefits and any Limitations

This heat tool is safe to use on all hair types, according to the NuMe website. It also has positive reviews from users who have short, medium, and long hair.

Latest Technology

The Pentacle Curling Wand and Deep Waver uses the latest heat styling technology to provide hairstyles that are salon-quality. For example, the far infrared heat transfers gentle heat to the hair’s follicle and out to the cuticle, which protects strands.

The NuMe top curling iron also has a healthier approach to heat styling because of the 100% tourmaline ceramic barrel. This material releases negative ions for smooth hair that is less prone to breakage. Tourmaline ceramic is also known for conducting far infrared heat well.

Healthier Heat Styling

Furthermore, the negative ion conditioning technology retains the natural moisture in the hair, rather than depleting it. The result is a healthier approach to heating the hair to style it, and a lower likelihood of breakage.

Combat Frizz

The negative ions also fight frizz for a more polished look. That occurs because the Pentacle’s conditioning technology seals the hair’s cuticle. Another great benefit is shinier hair, which many users explain they like about using this curler.


The Pentacle is also affordable. To keep the price low, though, NuMe doesn’t include extras like a travel case in the set. There isn’t a digital display like with higher-end models either. However, the dial temperature control is easy to use and won’t move accidentally.

You also get the ability to create two different looks with the 2-in-1 wand, which means it is like having two different heating tools for the price of one. Get voluminous curls with the 45mm barrel and enjoy deep waves with the V-shaped plates.

Two Hairstyles

If you want more than one type of curl, though, you might want to choose a different curling iron set. The Pentacle offers big curls or loose waves. For example, you cannot get tight ringlets using this heat tool.

However, the 2-in-1 design, rather than 8-in-1, keeps the price low. You can still have a lot of fun changing your hairstyle between the two options. The cutting-edge technology protects your locks from heat damage too. That is good news if you regularly use the wand.

Easy to Use

Finally, it is easy to use, as per many NuMe Pentacle Curling Wand reviews online. To curl the hair, simply lock strands in the 45mm barrel. Wrap hair for up to five seconds then release for big curls.

If you want wavy hair, instead, simply unlock the clasp to open the V-shaped plates. Press the hair between the plates for a couple of seconds and then release for beautiful waves.

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NuMe Pentacle Curling Wand Review: Who is the Curler Designed For?

After reading countless reviews of the Pentacle Curling Wand and Deep Waver, our team agrees that a wide range of people will like this one. Users with dry, colored, and course hair all comment online about how much they like the hairstyles they get with the Pentacle curler.

It also comes with a heat-resistant glove to use with the styling tool, for your safety. The on-off power switch is easy to use too, and it has a fully rotating swivel cord to reach the back of the head without any hassle.

This top rated curling iron also has an ergonomic design and is lightweight at just over one pound, so it is comfortable to use. That is good news for anyone who has struggled with a sore wrist or hand after using a heavy styling tool.

Also, if you want a curling iron that heats in only seconds to the desired temperature, the NuMe provides it. Several NuMe Pentacle Curling Wand reviews talk about the fast heating, in addition to the great look of the bouncy curls.

It can heat to 410 degrees Fahrenheit in only seconds. That is advantageous to anyone who is busy in the a.m. or wants to spend less time getting ready for the day.

The heat range is big, too. The top curling iron goes from 140-410 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you can adjust the heat widely according to your hair type. For thin hair, for example, a lower heat level is better than a hotter one.

Finally, those who travel a lot will appreciate that this curling iron is dual voltage. It is both 110V and 240V. That means you can take it with you to use in international countries with the proper adapter.
Concluding Thoughts for the NuMe Pentacle Curling Wand Review
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Concluding Thoughts for the NuMe Pentacle Curling Wand Review

The NuMe Pentacle is a 2-in-1 curling wand and deep waver. It creates two great hairstyles using one styling tool. Alternate between deep waves and voluminous curls, depending on your mood, using the wand.

While it does not include a carrying case or digital display, the Pentacle curling iron is ergonomic, lightweight, and heats quickly. It is also affordable.

This top curling iron features the latest tech, including fair infrared heat and negative ion conditioning technology. The result is a healthier styling approach that is gentle, creates beautiful looks, smooths the hair, and eliminates frizz.

Our list of top picks would not be complete without the Pentacle on it. The NuMe Pentacle Curling Wand review has leading technology, user-friendly design, and creates two great hairstyles.

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